Suphra suggests you waiter calling system. This device has been created to simplify communication between waiters and cooks. In most cases, kitchen (or any other production unit) is separated (and it should be). Cooks get notified about an order by receipt or KDS. But how can waiter know when the dish, he/she ordered, is ready? Usually, waiters have to run back and forth to check whether the dish is ready or not. Cooks are often looking for waiters, who might have forgotten to take the dish.

We offer waiter calling system; It includes the device shown below (the second picture) and the software module. This device has to be installed in the kitchen. When the order is ready, cook can push the button with the appropriate waiter number, to call him/her to take the dish. At this time waiters are in the hall and they can see a notification which will pop up in terminal computers. The notification looks like this:Waiter Calling Pop-up

So everything's much easier; Waiter/waitress can wait for the notification and as soon as it appears he/she can visit kitchen. This way you save their time and energy. As for the device itself, each button corresponds to the waiter's number. The device looks like this:Waiter Calling Device