Smart Menu Web App

Smart-Menu is a web application, which can be used as the alternative to printed restaurant menu. You can make it more interesting and easy for customer to view restaurant menu. Using Smart-Menu, guests can view the menu with pictures and prices and calculate desired order using android devices.

Android tablets cost as cheap as 30 USD. Besides, menu (especially prices) change frequently. Because of this it has to be reprinted again. These reprintings require additional costs each time. As for Smart-Menu, you can feel free to change prices, pictures and anything without paying a penny. Smart Menu is an additional comfort for restaurant guests. Unlike printed menu (or most of them), here consumer can see pictures of dishes and drinks. He/She wont need to calculate the price by him/herself. What they'll need is just to add dishes and drinks to "cart" and they will see total price and service fee. As a rule, waiter is waiting while guest chooses drinks / dishes. Guests might feel uncomfortable due to this fact. On the one hand, waiter loses time while waiting and, on the other hand, visitors may order too fast because of being in an awkward situation.

How Does It Work?

Smart Menu App

Smart-Menu is a local website located on restaurant computer. This application can only be used in the restaurants, which have Wi-Fi connection. After connecting to Wi-Fi, customer enters local website (such as "") and the Smart-Menu opens. Here the customer can selectd desired items, then click the button "Menu Selected" and the password field will appear, where the waiter can type the password and the order will be sent to "Suphra" terminal.