Billiards Club Software

During the last few years billiards business has shown a considerable growth in Georgia. Due to it's specifics, there's a demand for billiards software that can control duration of the game. Furthermore, most billiards clubs have a bar which also requires a management software.

We offer the appropriate solution: A device for controlling the lights on the billiard tables and the sales system.

The light control include both hardware and software system. After installing the appropriate device, the cashier will be able to control lights on billiard tables, ie the time remaining on each table. To cut in short, the system is designed to control the gaming time.

How does it work?

In the Menu Editor there will be billiards menu along with drinks and dishes, that is, specific tables with appropriate prices. Using the software, the cashier can specify the type of billiard game and the duration of course. The software will calculate the cash due itself according to the duration specified. Before the time is up, the lights begin blinking, indicating that the time is ending for the current table. Guests can add extra time for playing or just end up the game as soon as lights turn off.

Thanks to the sales analysis module, the owner/manager can later analyse the income and the time played on each table.