Fast Food Software

Fast Food business is one of the most growing businesses of the 21st century. It's necessary to have most convinient sales system in such place.

Unlike other restaurants, orders are made way faster in fast food restaurants and service is also fast-paced. Therefore, it's almost impossible to do everything using keyboard and mouse. The main thing is speed. Accordingly, fast food restaurant owners demand the same thing from programmers.

We offer Suphra Fast Food software, which is made for exactly such conditions. In this release the simplified design makes working process much faster.

Touch monitors for fast food restaurants

As I mentioned above, using keyboard and mouse is not preferable, as long as it slows the process of working down and might cause dissatisfaction in customers. In this case there are the following solutions:

  • You can use POS terminal, wich is really expensive, although it's very convinient.
  • Use desktop PC with touch monitor; It will be a bit less expensive compared to the one above.
  • You can work using desktop PC with an ordinary monitor and mouse.
  • Or you could consider buying the touch monitor we suggest. It costs less than factory-made touch monitor and can be connected with PC.

You better forget about the third option - it will just increase the number of dissatisfied customers. It is noteworthy that the second solution is more recommended in terms of the capacity of the processor, reliability and repairability. The POS terminal has no alternative if we are dealing with a lack of space. However, please note that, based on architecture, the POS terminal can only be connected to a single printer.