Kds (Kitchen Displaying System)

Nowadays, there are lots of restaurants which use receipt printers and waiters/waitresses are bringing the receipts to the cooks. It is very tiring and hard procedure, which may be simplified using KDS solution. KDS makes it easy to work, especially for waiters/waitresses and cooks.

There's a question, how can KDS replace kitchen printers? and why is it more convinient? The answer is pretty simple. When there's a printer in kitchen it causes some problems; There's a hight temperature in kitchens and it cause printing problems or even hardware damage. Also kitchens are mostly disordered, and sometimes receipts are lost or damaged. KDS system consists of monitors and it doesn't require a printer, that preserves you printers and thermal papers too.

Kitchen Displaying System


How does it work? There's a monitor (or monitors, defending on the kitchen size) in kitchen. As soon as waiter/waitress makes an order in terminal, a new order will pop up on the kitchen monitor. Cook can mark an order as done, or mark one specipic dish as ready. After the dish is marked as ready it will disappear from the order on monitor. Cook also can show up all marked orders. He'll be able to call waiter/waitress when a dish is ready, that improves speed and quality of service. It will significantly miligate the hardness of personals' work.