Software complex "Suphra" is dedicated to restaurants, bars, cafes, fast-foods and many other facilities. The software includes retail module for restaurant-shops.

Making of Suphra had begun in 2000 and it had been installed in 700 different restaurants in Georgia. It also includes special software and hardware modules, that makes it useful e.g. in billiard clubs and many other facilities, where it is necessary to control physical processes with computer. The software has two main function:

  1. Real-time management (Front Office).
  2. Accounting and analysis (Back Office).

Real-time management modules (software-terminals - Front Office) are of different types and they are dedicated to different types of restaurants (cafe-restaurant terminal, bar terminal, fast-food terminal etc.).

The restaurant software "Suphra" includes special terminal for small (mobile) devices. This module is focused on small computers just like Internet Tablet Nokia 770 or any other type of device, which has: wireless connetion, internet browser, ability to install fonts and has at least 14sm/17sm horizontally oriented screen. This mobile version is absolutely compatible with restaurant sotwares.

All the terminals allow you to work with touch screen, and the terminals of fast-foods and bars are mostly oriented on this kind of devices. The calculation and analysis (Back Office) consists of four softwares. These are:

  1. Sales analysis module (mainInfo)
  2. Warehouse and product movement (Warehouse)
  3. Editor of menu and calculation cards (menuEditor)
  4. Inventory (Inventory)



This module gives you ability to perform an analysis of sales (for a specific period) according to the following parameters: Tables, waiters/waitresses, payment type, discount & service charge; You'll be able to see how the sales and self-costs had been changing for a specific period; What was the daily or average volume of trade and which object (bar, kitchen, buffet etc.) played the decisive role in it. Check how many guests visited your restaurant and how much money was spent in order to buy products etc.


Menu Editor

This module is designed for making the following: menu (with it's dishes and groups), experimental dishes, semifinished products, calculation cards. You can create calculation cards (for every dish or semifinished product) using this program, and there will be the following information on these cards: name of dish, selling price production object (bar, buffet, kitchen etc.) and the time of making. Here you can write receipts (within a list of products & semifinished products). The editor gives you ability to copy a dish and proportionaly make changes in it's weights and ingredients.



This module collects all the information on system and gives you ability to perform inventory on separate objects (warehouse, bar, buffet, kitchen etc.). You must perform inventory and input the all the remained products. The program uses this information in order to compare to the previously calculated remains and it calculates the excess and loss on objects completely or for the separate products. You can analyse the results and find out the causes of the excess or loss of separate products (what were the previous remains, what was the amount of recieved products etc.). The module allows you to perform inventory of ready dishes or semifinished products. Likewise you can create the critical products' list and the software will calculate which products are expired, and what do you need to buy.



You can create a list of products used in your restaurant using this software. Also you can do the following procedures: create calculation cards for all products - specify product name, group, unit of measure, current self-cost (the self-cost will be changed automatically if you recieve the product for a different price); Identify the amount of product losses (caused by refining, frying, boiling etc.). Next to this using the same module you recieve products (in warehouse, bar, buffet, kitchen etc.) according to the invoice. You must exchange products between objects or write them off if necessary. The same is possible for the semifinished products too. Using the warehouse module you can get the information about previously performed operations. This information can be fully recieved or filtered according to different parameters.