Digital Scale & Suphra

Restaurant software Suphra can be directly connected to an electronic digital scale via USB port. This software now is able to get weight directly from a digital scale.

Nowadays people usualy use scales that can print barcodes on stickers (this kind of scales are being sold in Georgia by SOT CO). Assistant attaches the sticker to the product and cashier scans the code using Barcode reader to put it in a retail software. This kind of scales require product list and some configuration before using. They are useful in supermarkets, whereas in small catering objects they're useless, because weightings are to be done by the cashier.

Suphra team has recently created a cheap solution for small businesses that need a digital scale to sell food by weight. The project includes connecting the most popular cheap scales to Suphra software. This type of scales (e.g ACS-A9LE) are shown on the picture below:

Digital Scale

This kind of scales cost about 15-20 USD in Georgia. We connect scales to PC using a small hardware. The total price of connecting a scale to Suphra is between 100-150 USD. It's easy to use - you just select a product from the menu and the weight is directly shown up in the input field when you put product on the scale.

Digital Scale and Suphra