Z@ - Safety and data cleanup

Published: 21.05.2019

data wiping

In a restaurant, at some point, one might need to clean the old information to start over. However, if not done in a proper manner, cleaning old data can be risky. Besides, without appropriate safety measures, this feature could be abused.

Suphra team has built a software solution (named Z@) that can be used for cleaning up database records (sales history, purchase history, inventory records). As for the menu and recipes, they won't be affected by this program. For safety reasons, we have also designed a USB key that will be unique for every restaurant. It provides protection from unauthorized use of this software module, hence Z@ can only be used by the person carrying the USB key (which looks like a USB flash drive).

The software and the key are pretty easy to use. Once you purchase Z@ & USB key, you can clean up the database anytime you want and no one else will be able to do that but you.