Android POS + Bluetooth printer

Published: 02.10.2018

Handheld POS devices are becoming increasingly popular in Georgia. Small businesses tend to use tablets as POS devices given their price and practicality. Suphra has been working on this kind of solution since 2007 and back then we released web apps suited for handheld devices. It's a personal gadget for waiters connected to the server through a wireless network. It allows them to make orders and print receipts with ease.

Considering our experience, we created e-menu system (Smart Menu), that's been already installed in a number of restaurants. It makes it way easier for the guests to select and order food by themselves.

On the other hand, we created a new android version of Suphra Terminal program. The Terminal app is a full-featured POS solution that works without a server PC. As for receipts, the system has a mini BlueTooth printer that can be used to print kitchen receipts as well as bar orders. The BlueTooth printer is simple to use and can be attached to the belt.

Android Terminal

The Back Office tasks are done online, on our cloud server that deals with the analysis part. It means that every restaurant has its accounts and a dedicated space where their data is stored and accessed. Any changes made on the server (prices, menu, waiter list etc.) are downloaded on the tablet device.

This system is particularly useful for small businesses. The Android app will make the working process way easier for you.

You probably know the pros of Cloud systems, but I'd like to remind you that regardless of your operating system (Windows, IOS, Linux etc.) you can access your data simply via a web browser.

For this system to work properly, it's necessary to:

  1. connect Bluetooth printer to the tablet.
  2. recharge both printer and tablet from time to time.
  3. well, that's it.

As for data sync - it only takes few seconds (1-2 minutes at best) so it's not necessary to stay connected to the internet all the time. You'll need the internet connection only at the moment of synchronization.

Read more about Online Back Office.