SuphraLTE - Cloud Back Office system

Published: 25.09.2018

SuphraLTE is a new project by Suphra, that has already been successfully implemented in a number of restaurants. It's a cloud-based system, that allows you to take care of Back Office tasks on any operating system, as long as you have an internet browser.

Online Back Office

First, let's clarify how this system works; your information is stored on our secure servers and you can access it anytime, from anywhere, since it's just a website. So, all you need is a web browser and internet connection. Every user has an account with a pre-defined set of rights/roles. Once you're logged in, you can read, write and edit information online.

As for "Back Office", it's an umbrella term that incorporates few programs:

  • Menu Editor - where you can add/remove items, calculate recipes, change prices or anything else regarding the menu.
  • Warehouse - where you can manage records about received products, register the movement of products basically (receive, transfer, write-off etc.).
  • Main Info - deals with sales analysis. All the information based on the receipts is stored here. You can check the income (by cash/credit cards), best-selling items etc.
  • Inventory - the name says it all. Except, Suphra allows you to check not only the whole inventory but specific products too.

As seen in the picture below, the Back Office tools are all in one place. Besides standard features, cloud Back Office has some new features as well, e.g. overall restaurant performance etc.

As for the sales part, you can use our new Android Terminal or the good old Suphra Terminal on PC. Any changes made in your online database will be synced to the point of sale device (PC, Tablet). Likewise, sales information will be uploaded to the servers so you can access it later in your browser. Needless to say, it's done through the internet. For the information to be synced, you must have an internet connection. No connection is no big deal though; the info will be exchanged as soon as there is a connection between the POS device and our servers.

SuphraLTE is a fully responsive website and allows you to modify its looks (theme color, layout etc.) so you feel comfortable while working.

Online Back Office - custom theme