Queue management system for restaurants

Published: 15.05.2020

queue management system

Different kinds of restaurants often require a queue management system; In many cafes and fast food restaurants you will find a monitor where a number of customers waiting in the queue can be seen.

Suphra is offering you installation of such a system. Suphra QMS (Queue Management System) can be connected to a HDMI monitor of the desired size and can be installed at any distance from the main computer.

When placing an order from the main computer the order ID appears on the QMS screen. There will be a QMS software installed on the main computer that allows you to manage order status (e.g "paid", "queued", "delivered" etc.). Guest checks will be printed with a barcode and queue number on it.

After preparing the order, the operator opens the queue management program, checks the barcode reader and marks it as ready. When a guest receives order, the operator reopens the queue control panel and marks the check as withdrawn. The queue number then disappears from the prepared order list.

In adition, you can inform the customer about the order being ready in different ways: for example, the system can automatically send a text message to the customer. We can also build a small website where customers can view information about the queue on their mobile phone. It is possible to place QR stickers anywhere you want, so that your customers will be able to scan the code and open a queue web page.