Bilingual menu and receipts

Published: 04.01.2018

From now on you can enter the restaurant menu into the database in 2 different languages (Georgian-English, Georgian-Russian etc.), which means it's also possible to print receipts in 2 different languages.

Changes have been made to almost every Suphra module, however, those are only noticeable in Menu Editor and Terminal programs.

Bilingual Menu Editor

As you can see in the picture below, this version of the program has text fields for 2 languages, the third field being the group name.

menu editor bilingual

Next to those fields, there's a translation button. As a rule, Suphra UI (user interface) supports only one language (e.g. only Georgian, Russian, English etc.), however the menu itself can be in any two languages of your choice.

menu editor bilingual

For languages such as Arabic, Chinese or other languages with specific rules (right to left writing etc.) it will be necessary to use an appropriate font that satisfies these language standards. In the case of Russian and English, we use "Times New Roman".

On the picture down below is a table that will appear after clicking the edit button. The left column (in this case) shows item names in Georgian, while the right column is for entering translations.

As you can see here, some of the items are not translated yet. If we try to print it for a guest it will be printed in the Georgian language, but with Latin letters. E.g. "ამარეტო უკოფეინო" (Amaretto Decaf Coffee) will be printed as "amareto ukofeino" since there's no translation available for the item, which is not good and you better not miss anything, but at least there will be no blank space on the guest bill. menu editor bilingual

Updates to the Terminal software

Probably, you've already seen this window that appears after clicking a table button in Terminal software. It shows the Georgian flag, which means that if we try to print a guest bill, it will be in Georgian.

receipt bilingual

This is a toggle button, hence by clicking on it you can switch between languages. This next picture shows English selected. Therefore, the guest bill now can be printed in English.

receipt bilingual

Printing final check on different languages

Just like preliminary bills, the final check can also be printed in two different languages. The payment window has the same language switch button that can be seen in the picture below:

final receipt bilingual